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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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-- at the jobs that will be created here. i want to thank the iintern -- my inerntern, and those that lid and slept local hiring the last few months. thank you so much. ccolleagues, i expect this to be under the three-year rule, -- under the 30 day rule. midway through november, we can hear a lot of concerns that will be raised about legislation and how we might be able to build greater policy changes to find that sweet spot to get the support across the room and in room 200 as well.
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so -- they are separate matters. i don't have any legislation relating to this, but it is important to a knowledge a warm welcome. -- acknowledge a warm welcome. we would not be here. they are fighting the phillies, so thank you so much, brooke. you are always welcome in san francisco in my buck. [applause] >> that concludes will call for introductions. president chiu: giants are up 3-0. [applause] we can now go to public comment. >> an opportunity for the public to address the board on items
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with the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including items on the adoption without the committee reference and excluding items that have been considered by the committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. please clearly states such and remove the document when the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: if you could limit your comments up to 2 minutes unless you are translating. first speaker. >> [speaking foreign language]
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the reason gentlemen, i am very proud to be here today. i can say, barack obama, welcome to my city. that gentleman, he decided to be with me, with everyone in this city. mr. president, as you are happy and you make us happy for what has happened today. for the giants, 5 like you to make my city happy when i stand
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with my sister and brother to give welcome to barack obama. ladies and gentlemen, i strive to do my best, and i strive to make the city for him look like this one. that someone, he tried to love his brethren. his name is abdullah, and i want to let him know, as he knows, as he is concerned about my heart, he said, "take care for him." mr. president, from san francisco to the white house, i would like to tell you, and i tell your people, thank you very much for calling to me.
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i am still here. i am going to be here friday. at least i can give my voice as i give him the board. we have done what ever we can. now we have the president, the first african president in the history of the united states. now, we are going also to have history -- supervisor chiu: 90 very much. -- thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rate of public library. do not give or accept money from the friends and family foundation. they have more to do with then just the library. private money is raised from those who will pay to maintain
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the class barriers for themselves. those who raise private money are peddling influence in vanity to those who cannot get it any other way. that is what the influence of private money always depends of on line but -- lies and secrecy. is important for you to realize how little the public money is. the library pose a public budget is over $83 million. the contribution of the so- called public-private partnership is $4,500. the friends do not raise money for the library. the library raises money for the friends. we have attempted to persuade the public that we run society for the collective benefit, and not only of the libraries but all public institutions are publicly supported so they will reflect the virtues of the first amendment, freedom of information, and democracy. that effort and investment of resources is the trade for a fraction of a penny. are you prepared for a city hall
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where you cannot criticize corporations because they paid for the chairs? that is what they do in the library. never mind accountabilities. for that money, the library is not bode even the slightest debt of justice. the only thing public is entitled to is to be good slaves and expressed gratitude that our masters are not even more cruel. what happens to public institutions when they are used to maintain class barriers and promote the influence of private money? what happens is that the truth itself becomes meaningless. that is what it is about, that the truth is for sale. i care about the library, but they will do this to whatever you care about, including city hall. eli's cost more. -- beef lies cost more. -- teh lies -- the lies cost
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more. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker please. >> this right here -- i was put in jail many years ago trying to get residents to work under what they call good faith. now it is going to be almost illegal for them not to hire under 50%, so i think what i did was well taken. this is one step, i think, of community reform. it is almost like a new change of the guard and a new change of policy. i would hope that the other supervisors would catch on, but also community reform. that is everything that supervisors doing now and changing everything from the way they used to be. community could have some kind of emblem of what is going on. it is -- how can i put it?
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unacceptable that we have so many people not employed. this would be a mechanism we could work upon, so i'm happy about that today. my main concern right now is -- who is in control here in san francisco? i will be coming back talking to you more about that because we have right now our mayor getting ready to tiptoe out the door to sacramento, and i know you, board of supervisors, once you get new board members, it will be very interesting here in san francisco. yours truly will be on top of that and bringing it to the world. i might want to sing and dance for you. i might do that next week, but i'm not going to do that this week. i'm trying to unserious and thank everybody for doing a wonderful job. -- i'm trying to be serious and thank everybody for doing a
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wonderful job. in town of here. >> nice to see someone with excess of happiness. i am a tv producer, and i have been a member of 1944 ocean dispatchers for three years. i buy my medicine east of century, if i run out of free stuff they give me, which does not often happen because i make what they give me last. when i do have to buy stuff, i buy from them because they do treat the community with respect. i have degenerative disease, before health net, i was spending my food money on expensive medicine and eating that live in st. anthony's, but it is good to eat there for a safety net, but not for months and years.
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thanks to hold net, i have a much better quality of life. i can afford gifts for my family once in awhile, which is great. it is good for one's mental health to be able to eat properly and stuff like that. so i have never witnessed the sale of anything. no one has ever asked me for any money, and i do volunteer my time. if access pays $10,000, it is like taking food out of our mouths for a year. if i get two grams of medicine a week free and a meal free, i do not see how that constitutes a dispensary when the dispensaries i belong to are already licensed, so licensing us again is like double dipping, which is not fair. we already jump through a lot of hoops as patients, which is already enough bureaucracy. i thank you for listening. supervisor chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> good afternoon, board members. i'm the director of access to love community center, which is located at 1260 mission. last time i was here -- how do i -- supervisor chiu: it will just appear. >> the last time i was here, we unanimously decided to close the loopholes in the mca act that were going to allow some of our dispensaries to be wiped out. shortly thereafter, i received a violation notice from the planning department, and part of it that as outlined here reads that clearly on the front door, it says no medical cannabis is sold here, but they need to verify this further, so they stop in and saw that there were
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no registers, no menus. it was clearly not a retail operation. if you read the definition, i have circled here, it relates to not for profit. we are a nonprofit organization. a not-for-profit is more descriptive of the retail pharmacies, and i think that we also have to remember in regards to access of love that this is a sanctuary city for medical cannabis, and we have intended to comply with the law. i had an arrangement with the health department that all members of access of love were to be members of the two-city permit it collectives that support axis of love, and i assume that was clear and understood, so now there is a little bit of a dispute going on between planning and health, and
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to my and standing in my reading, the health department has final jurisdiction over medical cannabis -- to my understanding and my reading. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> i have been a member of the axis of love for 10 years. i am here today to inform you that we are not a dispensary. we are a collective. i come to the center for groups. i get to communicate with patients that have the same issues as me. without the groups and support, i would probably be in an sro doing drugs. once you are in an sro, there is no help to better yourself. axis of love got me an apartment and moved me free of charge.
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i could have never done this on my own. every day, i could not go to the bathroom and my kitchen without dragging my oxygen tank down the hall. i feel much better about myself not -- now that i do not get harassed and abused every day. it also got me a vaporizer since i have problems breathing. every night, i also get a meal. i probably would not be if it were not for them. after i have paid my rent and bills, i have $35 in need to live on, and there is no way i can afford my medicine. medicare will pay for all kinds of narcotics, which i could get hooked on, and i depend on the generosity of the collective. without this collected, i would not have a quality of life. please do not take it away --
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without this collective, and i would not have a quality of life. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am a member of the marijuana oversight of finance committee and activities director of axis of love. i am not an attorney, but i can beat the law. medical act of 2005 describes in medical cannabis dispensary as a cooperative or collective of qualified patients or primary care givers that facilitate the lawful cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medicinal purposes and operates not-for-profit consistent with california health and safety codes 1136 2.5.
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i'm here today to report a gross misinterpretation of the law. having been involved in the process of the downfall, and i met a non for -- a not-for- profit cooperative, i assure you that my duties to not involve sitting behind a registered. there are no menus of men's for patients to choose from, and our services are limited to the members of our compassion, and our charity-based services are geared specifically for those in the haitian community -- there are no menus of meds for patients. i encourage you guys to please ask the planning commission to cease and desist the harassment of compassionate services based
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agencies here in san francisco. thank you. >> good afternoon, members of the board of supervisors. i am a physician and nutritionist, and i wanted to submit in to public comment in support of supervisor mar's legislation before you currently that attempts to incentivize the coupling of toys by fast food operations -- attempts to de- incentivize the coupling of toys by fast food operations. included statements by nationally renowned pediatricians and nature is in the spirit with regard to a study called 2008 feeding
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infants and toddlers study, a dietary intake survey of nearly 3400 infants and toddlers aged zero to four years, it was conducted to provide information on the pending patents and trade intakes of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers living in the united states -- the year in -- be eating patterns -- the eating patterns and intakes of infants , toddlers, and preschoolers. the study specifically found that 60% of children consumed sweetened beverages every day and that the french fry is the top five vegetable that was consumed by infants and children in this age group. additionally, it was found that the bmi of the mother of the
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time of conception was one of the biggest predictors for childhood obesity, so i did want to submit this document. it is a very important document and will continue to be -- -- will contribute to the -- supervisor chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. ♪ city day-by-day city day-by-day oh, dear lord i see so clearly and i hope you hear me city day-by-day day-by-day oh, dear lord these things i pray
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these two minutes ago so quick the giants are going to get all the hits and i know they just cannot miss in this city day-by-day day-by-day i see better so clearly and i want you near me and i hope you hear me day-by-day city day-by-day oh, dear lord these things i pray i promise you more deeply and i hope you hear me in this city day-by-day day by day day by day ♪
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[applause] supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker please. >> hi, supervisors. in a member of access of love, and i am also a contributor of compassionate services as a coat, and i just want to say that -- i am a member of axis of love and also a contributor of compassion is services as a cook. the demands are really ridiculous. as far as bill 420, all patients are allowed to be care givers to one another if they are physically able to do that, and
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we are also allowed to have more than one caregiver. up to three at least provide medicines in all forms to help us through our trials and tribulations. axis of love is just a group of patients being charitable to one another because we do not have the money to pay for it. taking it away would take away the ability of interns like myself to feel worthwhile in the community because of the services we are able to give to one another. again, nobody in our organization has got a house note paying in, a suburban van or any of a lot of the things you see the dispensary owners
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and stuff, and not that they do not deserve to earn a wage, but we clearly are in no form like any dispensary or in violation of any rule. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you, supervisors, for the opportunity to address you. i am a member of axis of love. i'm not a lawyer, but i do read the law, and i know much can be interpreted. i became and medical marijuana patient back in 2000, and i know the difference between a medical marijuana dispensary and a charitable non-profit organization like axis of love. i attend a women's group, and i
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volunteer my services as a teacher. axis of love is a social services organization that provides counseling, meals, love, help, help reach, compassion, too low in, then no- income residents of san francisco become members. it is a closed group. people are not invited in off the street. you cannot just come in if you have a medical marijuana card. you have to come in and then qualify. to me, it is an example of an authentic collected, which is written, and i think that could be interpreted, and i think axis of love qualifies in that way. there are no cash registers, no price lists. there is no money exchanged. it is a gift society. there are no employees, only volunteers. my request to you today is in place of hold san francisco's
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sanctuary law -- is to please the uphold -- is to please uphold san francisco's censure wary of. this organization does a great job for san francisco, and we need more of this. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> i am a medical marijuana -- microphones, all right. i am a medical marijuana user. about three months ago, i had major back surgery. as you noticed, there is a theme on going with the people that are talking to you. i have not been able to work in over to of the will years. after surgery, i was pretty much
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incapacitated, but axis of love has done more to help me than anything else out there, between the medical marijuana that they do provide, which i do not use any pain killers for narcotics since i left the hospital after three days. i only use medical marijuana. if it was not for axis of love, there would be no way -- by also have seizures. i had one this morning. i should have stayed in bed today, but this is important enough of an issue. why is somebody trying to harass the only legitimate, in my opinion, medical marijuana co of -- co-op that i have ever come across? it is in foretaste, whoever is behind its.
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i guarantee you it is not somebody looking out for the betterment of the community. thank you for your time, and i hope that you listen to these people because we do not have many voices. this is our one opportunity, and you guys are the representatives of us and all that. we need your help. thank you. [applause] supervisor chiu: before the next speaker, i would like to remind our visitors there is a board ruled that four of its of laws or other indications of support or opposition. we have this so that we can hear from all our speakers and move the proceedings efficiently. so if i could ask for your indulgence in that. next speaker. >> i would like to thank the board of supervisors. there has been a long military tradition in america supporting work ethics, promoting healthy
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lifestyle, and it simplifying ethical behavior. as they say, all gave some, some gave all. not being a lawyer, but nevertheless being able to read the law, i would like to say that the axis of love is a members-only, nonprofit, satellite charitable organization rather than a not- for-profit retail mcd. i go for veteran support and treatment for my ptsd. i also like to say that the health department has jurisdiction over the axis of love, not the planning department. censure where's that is already prevents harassment of attempts to comply with the law -- sanctuary status already prevents harassment of a tense to comply with the law.


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